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Genesis Express will provide programs to help community members lead valuable, productive, healthy and happy lives.  Genesis Express will provide supplemental support to areas in education, culture, health, social and recreation for community members across all generations.

Genesis Express is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to the support of the youth, seniors, and the disadvantaged and underprivileged citizens of Trigg County and Cadiz. 

Our vision is to expand to a larger facility that will be designed for the use of various groups of all ages.  The facility will provide safe, supervised, healthy and age-appropriate activities for all. The programs will form partnerships with different organizations and groups throughout the community.  These programs will foster a commitment to the youth, seniors and disadvantaged and underprivileged that will promote: friendship, intergenerational skills, and social unity for the future.  Only through a united effort can a sense of responsibility be established that will develop a sense of pride among all citizens.

Genesis Express will offer educational programs for students in grades 1-6 and delicious caterings every first full weekend of each month.

Please join us this Saturday April 27th from 3-5pm for our Grand Opening Ribbon Cutting from the new Community Center.

Click the link below for more info about events in the community and surrounding communities. 

- The center is a community project and community treasure.

- It is for all residents of Trigg County and Cadiz. 

- While US Governments Grants are being requested, donations of all sizes are urgently needed. No amount is too small or too large. 

- Donations may be in cash, by check, or money order.

- Walk-in donations at FNB Bank or the Bank of Cadiz: specify a donation for the Genesis Express "Building Fund."

- Online donations may be made by clicking the arrow below.


Community Center Rules

205 Jefferson St.
PO Box 907
Cadiz, Kentucky 42211

  • The guidelines are to ensure that the Community Center is a place where all will feel comfortable, respected and safe.

  • Days and hours of operation will vary by activities planned. Communications will be announced by letters, emails, facebook, or on the campus marquee.

  • All activities will be supervised by a member of Genesis Express or a designated person approved by the President or Vice President.

  • The use of alcoholic beverages and/or drugs are strictly prohibited. (Locals laws enforced)

  • Violations of any rule, regulation, or guideline will result in disciplinary action ranging from verbal warnings to suspension or permanent expulsion from the campus.

  • Sign-In will be mandatory for all activities. Sign-In sheets will be provided. Copy must be on file in receptionist office.

  • All students must have a personal information sheet completed on file.

  • Dress Code: Dress according to the weather and/or activity planned for the day. No clothing with vulgar or offensive messages or pictures.

  • Absolutely no weapons of any kind are allowed on campus. (Law Enforcement Officers are exceptions)

  • Any student medication must be registered on file with proper documentation. (No exceptions)

  • Smoking is prohibited on the Community Center Campus.

  • Community Center kitchen is for authorized personnel only.

  • Kitchen will not be used by outside parties, all cooking, preparation, and distribution of food will be done by the Genesis Express members or designed persons.

  • Recreational Equipment is for Genesis Express members only. (Cameras, Camcorders, Tripods, etc)

  • Theft and acts of vandalism or violence will not be tolerated and handled by local authorities.

  • Sexual harassment will also not be tolerated and reported to local authorities.

  • Cell phones should be used respectfully and never cause interruptions.

  • Service and therapy pets allowed and must show credentials.

  • The community Center is not responsible for lost, stolen, or damaged property.

  • Publicity Policy: The Community Center reserves the right to have program participants photographed or videotaped for any publicity purposes. Registration serves as your release.

  • If non-compliance or insubordination is exhibited to any of the rules, regulations, or guidelines, disciplinary action will be implemented.

  • Genesis Express, Incorporated is a 501-C-3 Non-Profit Organization.

  • Our rules, regulations and guidelines are in place to ensure that we maintain that status. Your support and cooperation will be greatly appreciated.

United to Serve
Genesis Express, Inc.dit.

Genesis Express Inc.

Please Donate Above or at FNB Bank to Genesis Express Building Fund or Mail Donations to P.O Box 907 Cadiz, KY 42211

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