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The New Facility

     We are also working on expanding our facility to something that better suits the community and accommodates for the changing needs of the people. Our progressing location is 205 Jefferson Street. Here,  we will continue to hold our after school tutoring program for students grades K-6. We provide a quality environment with a concentration in life skills, academics, along with lifestyle choices. We will continue to have our annual Summer Reading Program at the new location and will hold programs like the Saturday Morning Book Club. There may be basic computer skills classes using programs such as a Word, Excel, Power point, and others on progression. Two new additions will be the college courses provided by Murray State University and Hopkinsville Community College and the Fitness Center that will entail Yoga, Zumba, Karate, Wrestling fundamental skills, a weight room, and a gym set up. We are looking forward to sharing this new experience with everyone in the community. 

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