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Genesis Express Incorporated was founded on January18, 1987 by George Radford, Fred Wilson Jr., Billie Walker, John Ladd, Jerry Wilson, Michael Ladd, Lennus Redd, and Brendel Wilson. They founded this organization with intentions to help the youth, the elderly, and the needy of our community.  It was also an opportunity to give some young African American men an opportunity to have a presence in this community. The founders sought to help young men in the community to have purpose and that still stands to this day. 

Genesis Express Incorporated is composed of 15 active members who work together to fulfill a mission of providing programs to help community members lead valuable, productive, healthy and happy lives. The fifteen members are 

George Radford, President; Bobby Acree, Vice President; Dexter Hopson, Secretary; John Ladd, Asst. Secretary; Jerry Wilson, Treasurer; Michael Ladd, Financial Secretary; Jonathan White, Historian; Randolph Crenshaw, Public Relations; Eugene Wilson, Sargent at Arms; Lewis Crenshaw, Member; Jock Bingham, Member; Billie Walker, Member; Fred Wilson, Member; Willoyd Wharton, Member; and Jason Wilson, Member. 


Genesis Express will provide supplemental support to areas in education, culture, health, social and recreation for community members across all generations.​ Genesis Express is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to the support of the youth, seniors, and the disadvantaged and underprivileged citizens of Trigg County and Cadiz.



Looking Forward

The staff of Genesis Express Incorporated are working to expand the facility to something that better suits the growing community that we look to serve. We are creating a new intergenerational center that will be located at 205 Jefferson Street. The intergenerational center will be designed for the use of various groups of all ages.  The facility will provide programs that are safe, supervised, healthy and age-appropriate activities for all. The programs offered will form partnerships with different organizations and groups throughout the community.  These programs will foster a commitment to the youth, seniors and the disadvantaged and underprivileged that will promote; provide social friendship, intergenerational skills, and social unity for the future.  Only through a united effort can a sense of responsibility be established that will develop a sense of pride among all citizens.

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